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I'm a Elementary school

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Yes, I was wrong. I should have written "location" but I accidentally wrote "position".

SO,In fact, last month express delivery is disabled

You can see that my English is not good.

Now I borrowed the keyboard from someone else, so I rewrite the blog style again.

举头望涵涵,低头思第一。 https://www.dffzmxj.com

Which position? Just buy it on Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon, etc.


No.You can't buy anything in this position.

Writing code on a mobile phone is not a good choice

You can buy another keyboard


Yes, I was wrong. Maybe not dffzmxj.github.io? Maybe you use multiple repositories or redirects. But in fact, the support of SSL host in Hong Kong is not a bad thing. I felt the despair that PWA didn't have because there was no HTTPS.

I want to use iframe to put the *. Github.io domain name on a PHP host, but the same origin protocol forces me to manually modify Typecho. It is useless for Wu Yong not to support the secondary domain name of CNAME and ns. I'm thinking of writing a blog system, which can be similar to Typecho. But as you can see, I failed.

Basically, a new repo is created as a database, and GitHub API is used for query and modification. Encrypting the whole web page may not be good for SEO. Symmetric encryption algorithm seems to be unable to find JavaScript library. Inefficiency is also a problem.

The most important thing is: I really can't get rid of the theme. And my keyboard is broken. It's hard to write code with on-screen keyboard.

举头望涵涵,低头思第一。 https://www.dffzmxj.com

My website is not hosted on GitHub Pages. How can I deploy Typecho on GitHub Pages?

But your website's background is not bad.




- In fact, it's also good to use the hierarchical list, when the title is relatively short.

- When using breadcrumb like navigation, if you can't write all the columns on a page, it's better to remember the position when you return to the previous level.

- It's not pleasant that you can't find the last position in each orientation.

- Try to avoid complex page levels. The complexity of the hierarchy is as annoying as finding a location in almost the same scene in a parking garage.

By the way,The host of dffzmxj.com should be hosted in githubpages like the website of xingzheng.com.
But the server bandwidth of blog.dffzmxj.com seems to be 1000m? The server is located in a downlink speed of 100MB / s.
Looking at my website, although the speed of opening is not unbearable, but the speed is only 1/20000 of yours.
举头望涵涵,低头思第一。 https://www.dffzmxj.com




Sixth grade


Thank you!I am a schoolboy.

举头望涵涵,低头思第一。 https://www.dffzmxj.com

It seems my suggestions came too suddenly and ruthlessly. Sorry about that if that hurt you. I'm not attempting to insulting your website.

举头望涵涵,低头思第一。 https://www.dffzmxj.com

Your website is good. It's faster than my website a lot. And to my surprise, it supports PWA! I suggest:

  • Prettifying the footer. It looks a LITTLE ugly. MDL's footer is good-looking and it can contain what you contain in footer well: https://getmdl.io/components/index.html#layout-section
  • Listing products in a grid view on desktop. Don't you think the card of a product on desktop is too large?
  • Reducing the depth of the true content. (or reducing intermediate categories) To download Minecraft PE, you have to access product list, Minecraft download, Pocket Edition, etc. That's too complicated, isn't it?
  • Hiding the menu button if there's no side bar.

By the way, you mean... you are a school???


支持 PWA